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Ford Institute faculty, students and affiliates are actively engaged in research on enduring problems of political violence, economic development and their effects on people and communities.  Our goal is to inform and influence debates among a diverse audience of academics, analysts and policy makers.

Ford Institute Publication Series

Voices of Human Security-Opinion Pieces

    • "Intervention in Syria is a Necessary Assault on State Sovereignty" by Joumana King
    • "Military Intervention in Syria is Not a Viable Policy Option" by Natalie Swabb

Policy Briefs

  • "The Responsibility to Protect: Humanitarian intervention or state sovereignty?" by Joumana King

Policy Research Report   

  • “Uganda’s Hidden Children: Causes, policies, public perceptions, schools and services provided to children with disadvantages and disabilities in the Republic of Uganda" by Pauline Ann Severn Greenlick and Louis A Picard


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  • Causes of Violence
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  • Corporations, Environment and Health
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  • Human Trafficking and Forced Labor
  • Humanitarian Assistance
  • Peace Operations
  • The Responsibility to Protect
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