Miriam Awadallah HS Internships

Miriam Awadallah (MPIA '14)

Interning with the American Task Force on Palestine in Washington, DC was one of the most rewarding and engaging work experiences I have had. The organization advocates for a Two-State solution between Israel and the Palestinians based on the idea that such a solution is in the national security interest of the United States, and it also strives to promote good governance and economic development in Palestine. I spent the summer engaging with top scholars on the issues pertaining to Middle East peace as well as conducting research on security sector reform in the Palestinian territories and Political Islam. Given the tremendous amount I learned this summer on the nuances of the Arab-Israeli conflict, I was given the opportunity to provide commentary and insight to BBC Radio on the restarting of the peace process, in addition to publishing an article in the Huffington Post on some of the challenges Palestinian-Americans face today. My time at GSPIA instilled within me strong research skills that allowed me to better execute my assigned projects and ensured I was well-prepared for my internship. It was certainly a summer well spent.


Ford Institute for Human Security
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